Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weeks 2 and 3

Last Friday, I met with Rod and we outlined the project. I will be conducting a 2 x 2 pre/post study design to explore the effect that short-term vitamin D supplementation will have on the calcaneal bone mineral density of elderly women with osteoporosis risk. I am excited about this study because it may be new enough information that the entire nutrition community will find it helpful. I will coduct the research on about 24 participants. The bone density scanner is non-invasive and very simple to use. I will be gathering pre-study data, then providing a vitamin supplement or placebo. I will compare the post-study bone density scans with the pre-study scans to see if there is a significant difference. This semester, I will be focusing on preparing all of my preliminary documentation. I started my IRB approval application today. This approval is imperative before I begin research. I will also be doing a literature review, preparing pre-study surveys/questionnaires, and applying for a study grant.

This week, I also scheduled my prospectus meeting. I will be holding it on Tuesday, September 23. After this meeting, all capstone committee members will be on the same page and I will be able to really sink my teeth into the research.

Another instructor gave me an excellent Vitamin D resource today. The Vitamin D Council website has links to a lot of current research. I am looking forward to proceding with this study!

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