Thursday, September 25, 2008

Done, Doing, Need to do

This week, I held my prospectus meeting. My comittee members were in attendance and we really started to grind out the details of the study. Some of the feedback I received that will really help:
  • No placebo, the subjects will serve as their own control group comparing pre-study data with post-study data.
  • This will give me the chance to have larger groups when divided into physical activity levels
  • Find a nutraceutical company to donate the supplements in exchange for their name on the study
  • Lots of feedback on how to create the food/exercise/sun exposure frequency questionnaire
  • Question a pharmacist about possible drug interactions
  • Transport the equipment to the senior centers to do the scans
  • Provide "free blood pressure checks" as an added incentive
  • If possible, sub-divide the exercise groups by type of exercise (weight-bearing vs non-weight-bearing)

My priorities are:

  • Complete the IRB application
  • Complete the literature review
  • Request the donation of supplements from Nutraceutical Corp., Ogden, Utah
  • Contact local senior centers to request volunteers

I have completed:

  • IRB Application sans study description--I wanted to get feedback on the rest as I continued to work on the description
  • Requested donation of supplements--Nutraceutical Corp. lab manager works at Weber State and will ask the operations manager after I get him a copy of the study description (another reason I want to spend some time on it)
  • Started recruiting volunteers among neighbors and friends.--I mentioned my study to a neighbor and she began to list friends of hers who will also like to participate. 30 subjects should be fairly easy to come by, the concern I have will be screening the subject.

I am working on:

  • Lit review!
  • Study description for IRB and Nutraceutical Corp

Next on the agenda:

  • Complete improved consent form
  • Create a food and exercise frequency questionnaire to screen volunteers
  • Get that Lit review done!
  • Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Grant application

I hope to start the study in November. Donated supplements will really help it to get going. Please give me feedback if you know of any concerns i should consider. Thanks!

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